Diversity Teaches Love Not Hate

By [email protected]

Editor: I am writing this letter in responce to the letter that Aaron Guercios wrote on Oct 18. His proclaiming that is is not ok to support gay rights and issues is a sign of ignorance and intolerance. To say that homosexuality is a moral issue and that our school has no right to support us, but can support groups and organizations of relgion is a contradiction in terms. Religion is a moral issue just ask people back east, the KKK, the Nazis, and so on. When we as educated Americans look at these people we see them as aragont for thinking that their way is the right way, and intolerant for not realizing that diversity is what makes this world great. Not only that, but you do not have the right to say whether or not my life style is moral that is for God to decide not you! Secondly as a student, a person, and a member of the GLBT community I was happy to see the flags on campus encouraging pride. I work full time to pay for school, attend full time, go to school functions, and I do volunteer work. Because of my hard work and dedication I have just as much right if not more to say where our school funds should go, and if I want them to go towards a place where I can feel safe and be proud of who I am then so be it. You have no right to take that right away from me. If you don’t want money going towards creating a safe place to go to school for all then you have the right to go somewhere else. I am not going to call you a bigot or say that you are homophobic like so many people would expect me to do, but I will say this: You are uneducated and ignorant to the world around you. For all you know some one that you care about could be gay, and you would never know, becuase you choose to be blind to it. We are not just gays, lesbians, bisexuals, or transgenders we are people that deserve the same rights and respect as everyone else. We are your mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, cousins, teachers, doctors, mentors, and most importantly human beings. Until people like you, Mr Morley, Mr Whitley, and others like you can learn to recongnize that we will continue to live in a society blinded by arrogance.