Response to Sarah Terry

By [email protected]


Ms. Terry, who finds patriarchal norms in language ‘benign’ and seems to not find it at all important that the English language fails to have gender-specific nouns for both genders. Why is that? Because things are the way they are, and we should just accept them and shut up, lest we become ‘asinine’? So the word ‘entrepreneur’ comes form the French language, which had TWO forms, but English, in its male-centered glory, only chose to adopt the one. This little ‘molehill’ may not seem worthy of our attention because people like Ms. Terry reinforce the generalizations and typical behaviors set forth by most people. Please do us all a favor and take a class which teaches you to think critically and not acquiesce to societal norms.

Kathryn TeerlinkSeniorOrganizational [email protected]