Wanted: Hot Lasagna

By [email protected]

To the Editor:

Hot lasagna or cold bologna sandwich – what’s your preference? Being a student who brings a lunch to campus, I personally would like to have the lasagna and leave the bologna at home once in a while. Now the caveat to this desire – I can’t find a microwave in the Union and cold lasagna just doesn’t taste good!

So, my question to the ASUU, U of U Union, whoever…What happened to the microwave that was available in the Union last year? Isn’t there a couple hundred bucks lying around somewhere that is supported by student fees that could spring for a microwave so I and anyone else who’d like it, can have hot lasagna and not bring the cold bologna?

Too Many Cold Sandwiches at the U of U,Sherrie HebertSenior, [email protected]

PSThis is serious – I would really like an answer! Or if you’ve moved the microwave to an undisclosed location or one that is yet to be discovered by me, let me know. And no, there is not a microwave by the Union vending machines or in the Union convenience store anymore?