About Tolerance at the “U”

By [email protected]

To the Editor of the Chronicle: I have been attending on and off for the last 21 years of my life this fine and respected University. Lately though I see an influx of pro this or Con that. This is very-very sad and comes close to being digusting. The LDS and the Non-LDS.The Strights and The gays STOP IT!!! Listen I know we all have pride yet we are truely doing nothing but bashing each other and there’s absolutely no intelligence in all of this writing and post writing of who’s right or wrong you all have an opinon and express it well. Let’s try something so unbelievable that it will show intelligence learn to work,study and accept each other’s differences maybe then if we start this then we actually learn something that can better the world- think about it and try it…

Sincerely Everett G . Amador Custodial Dept