ASUU Assembly Has Issues!

By [email protected]


I am writing in regards to what I saw at the ASUU General Assembly earlier this week. I attended the meeting as an outsider because I am curious about how the student government operates. I am so disappointed by how they treated one of the groups that it would be a crime if someone didn’t say anything.

The Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) and a representative from the College of Humanities presented a bill that would give PRSSA money to attend their national conference. From what I understand, the week before at the appropriations committee meeting, all debate was to take place.

Low and behold, just as PRSSA made their presentation, someone introduced an amendment because he objected to them receiving just under $500 for their hotel expenses, a cost that was at half the total as per the Redbook guidelines. The proposed amendment was to reduce the hotel budget to $250.

This representative claimed that PRSSA had already “received a substantial amount” and should “giving them more is not fair to other organizations.” This was untrue as I came to find out that PRSSA had purposely lowered their budget to help with the hotel costs. The $250 budget was a recommendation by the Finance Board and does not override the Assembly. Not only that, but this representative did not have any objections to this budget the week prior.

Well After this amendment passed and PRSSA left shortchanged, another group came up to request funding. This group received all of their requested monies, even though their hotel expenses and per diem expenses were substantially higher than PRSSA’s. In fact, the person that proposed the PRSSA amendment did not object to this other group receiving the money.

This is a crime. It is sick and twisted. I am not a PR major, nor am I even a Humanities major, but I think each campus organization should be treated equally, especially since these PRSSA students pay the same tuition as the other group of students.

What is wrong here? Someone needs to make sure that each campus group gets treated fairly and equally, especially when it comes to fees from tuition.

Anthony MadsenSophomoreUndecided