Letter to the Editor: Life Will Go on After McBride

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I’m writing in response to Steve Posovac’s Nov. 27 letter to the editor “The Best Years of Utah Football” about Ron McBride.

First, to those who wanted to save McBride’s job, if you really wanted to help, you should have come to the games this year, last year and the years before that. So if you had the chance and didn’t show up to at least one game each season during the years McBride was here, you have no room to talk!

Second, I would like to know where Posovac gets the notion that McBride’s coaching is the top level this school will ever reach. Ike Armstrong won 2.5 games to every loss compared to McBride’s 1.5. There are plenty of coaches out there with critical credentials for Utah.

USC is in the top ten with the help of Norm Chow, offensive coordinator.

An offense-minded head coach is what the U needs again. Andy Ludwig, Oregon’s offensive coordinator, would be a good pick because of his PAC 10 experience. Or LSU’s offensive coordinator Jimbo Fisher, who is being looked at by many schools, would be a strong choice.

For the record, several Division I head coaches have bbeen fired this season, which means many assistants will be laid off. There is a good supply of coaches, and there are coaches who will pounce on the opportunity to coach the Utes into the big time. McBride opened that door with his great success, the U is simply walking through it.

Tijs Limburg

Sophomore, Electrical Engineering and Music Composition