Letter to the Editor: Water Polo Deserves More ASUU Funding

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In response to your editorial on ASUU funds for sport clubs:

The U of U women’s water polo team has been successful at the national level for two years. We placed 6th at nationals after a double-overtime loss to Notre Dame, and we anticipate even more success this season.

After funding our entire season last year at a cost approaching $1,500 per player, we were told the rugby team had received funding from ASUU. Assuming we would have equal opportunity for ASUU support, we started the process required for student groups to receive ASUU funding.

At the beginning of last semester, we met with an ASUU representative. We were informed that we may be able to receive financial support. All required paperwork was submitted. However, a week later the representative informed us he would not have time to provide any further assistance.

It is frustrating to work so hard to play at this level and have little support. Neither ASUU nor Campus Recreation has been supportive.

ASUU should support any club team that is competitive on a regional or national level.

Heidi Burns

Katie Robson

U Women’s Water Polo