Letter to the Editor: What is Negative Campaigning?

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I read the Thursday editorial in The Chronicle calling for “Peace in the ASUU Elections Storm.” As the Vice Presidential candidate for the Progression Party, I have a vested interest in the nature of our campaign. I write this letter in an attempt to educate students about the political process.

Any person who has ever participated in a professional campaign should concur that the issues brought to light by the Progression Party’s recent grievance do not constitute negative campaigning. In the ASUU elections process, as in any other political venue or system, there exists an undercurrent of dissent for any idea that challenges the status quo. Indeed, there is an inherent tension between the people and the system that administers to them.

When a threat to the status quo is perceived by the controlling minority, the party challenging the status quo experiences a tremendous backlash. The recent responses of ASUU, the Presenter’s Office, the “All Aboard” Party and now The Chronicle to claims of the Progression Party all serve as examples of this phenomenon.

If the attempts of the Progression Party to expose the bureaucratic practices of ASUU, the inappropriate intimidation of an international student or the ineffective use of student fees are negative practices, then YES, we are running a negative campaign.

We feel this is our duty to the students who do not feel good enough about ASUU to vote. Our party consists of such individuals, because they represent the views of the majority of U students. If the people’s interests are being bucked by the system, then we must do the right thing.

Russell Gerrard

Progression Party Vice Presidential Candidate

Senior, Communications and Political Science