Spring Break article proposal

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

I wanted to explore the possibility of setting up an interview with Gabe Fischbarg, author of THE GUIDE TO PICKING UP GIRLS (Penguin/Putnam books), regarding Spring Break 2003.

Gabe is a dating expert and can discuss a wide variety of topics regarding Spring Break 2003.

Gabe and the book have recently been featured on THE TONIGHT SHOW W/ JAY LENO, CNN, CNNfn, FOX NEWS CHANNEL, ABC-TV WORLD NEWS, RICKI LAKE TV Show, WAYNE BRADY TV Show, CANADA A.M. – CTV and THE HOWARD STERN Radio & TV Show, among others. The book (as the title suggests) provides guys with useful advice, tips and strategies on how to pick up girls and/or how to meet “Ms. Right.”

The book has also been featured in various print media including the New York Post, Chicago Sun Times, Rocky Mountain News, Esquire magazine, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, among others.

The book’s website is www.pickingupgirls.com.

If you would like to receive a press kit and a copy of THE GUIDE TO PICKING UP GIRLS via overnight mail, please let me know.

All the best,

Adam KlugerPress Agent for “THE GUIDE TO PICKING UP GIRLS”[email protected]

Highlights of THE GUIDE TO PICKING UP GIRLS include:

* Understanding body language is a must. For example, if a girl starts touching your arm while she is talking to you, it means she is very interested in you.

* Best time to start laying rap is as early as possible (i.e., 10:00 – 10:30) – as a general rule, girls like to go home early.

* Girls come in only two forms: Those with their switches “on” who are looking for a boyfriend and those with their switches “off” who are unavailable.

* Do not ever avoid jury duty. Girls are trapped and bored there and will be eager to talk.

* Talking to your friends who are girls in a social setting will automatically make you desirable to other girls.

* Try to make the conversation more balanced towards the girl. The optimum balance is 30 about you and 70 percent about her. Act interested in everything she says.

* If you are partying, you must stay in control of your buzz. Give yourself a smooth, confident rap, not a drunken, stupid one.

* Having a good wingman is crucial. He must often take the grenade (i.e., talk to the less attractive girl).