All Aboard’ and Summit Stances

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Student Involvement

“All Aboard”: Party leaders plan on using a “marketing infrastructure” and “communication network” to reach the maximum number of students. They also plan on setting up a communications office within the student goverment so student groups can coordinate activities.

Summit: The party plans on using a hands-on approach, including setting up a major activity fair in the fall geared specifically toward getting freshmen involved early in their academic careers.

Guns on Campus

“All Aboard”: In an earlier debate, presidential candidate Adrian Johnson said his party will take whatever stance is most in line with what students support.

Summit: The party plans on serving as a “mouthpiece for our students,” according to presidential candidate Jake Werrett, but says the party wants to promote discussion.

Funding to Student Groups

“All Aboard”: The party fully supports the funding of student groups and plans on increasing the percentage of money in both the Senate and Assembly contingency funds in order to give more money back to students. Johnson also says his party is not in support of club reimbursements and that organizations should be awarded money up front.

Summit: The party plans to increase the percentage of money in both contingency funds and also hopes to streamline Assembly decisions by hosting summer meetings with newly elected members.


“All Aboard”: Vice- presidential candidate Anthony White said the key to getting lower tuition rates is to “create effective lobbying techniques that would turn the U’s voting stick into a bat.”

Summit: The party plans on keeping students informed about lawmakers’ votes on higher education bills by posting the names of legislators who move to raise tuition across campus on posters and fliers.

Married Student Inclusion

“All Aboard”: The party plans on establishing a U-Card that both spouses could use and also plans on enhancing security measures for married students. Johnson’s administration also wants to provide more playground equipment and offer more family activities.

Summit: The party’s five-fold vision includes installing cameras and lights, purchasing new playground equipment, finding an alternate source of funding for the child care center, obtaining Internet access in married student housing and applying for grants to ensure regular funding and financial support to programs that benefit married students.

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