ASUU Election

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

I have been a student at the University of Utah for a long, long time. In all those years, I have voted, except this one.

Why not? I do not feel there is any major difference between any of the parties. I might as well close my eyes and choose any one of them. In the end, none of them will have any affect on my experience at the U.

Many previous presidents and administrations of ASUU have always looked at an apathetic student body as the reason for poor turnout and lack of interest in activities. I can not tell you how many times I have heard, “Well, we tried, but the U is a comuter campus.”

Instead of trying to unite small groups of people and fund activities that do not really interest the student body as a whole, why don’t they actually ask what a commuter campus needs. With a 1.5 million budget, ASUU should look towards the future and stop funding activities that the predominant number of students are not interested in.

As a commuter campus, there are several things that students do need. This list does not include retreats to ski resorts, subsidized concerts of no-name artists, or festivals that have more high school students than college students in attendance. What we do need is a parking garage. I know this would eat up the entire budget, but we are a commuter campus and that is what we need.