Letter to the Editor: Sexual Minorities and Pistols

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Despite a last-minute plea from students of Brigham Young University and Westminster College for Governor Mike Leavitt to veto state Senate Bill 108, the governor did the right thing on March 19 by signing the bill into law.

According to The Chronicle’s March 24 article, “Leaders Lobby to Keep Guns Off Campus,” the law will allow licensed concealed weapons permit holders to carry their guns on college and university campuses in the state.

I am a member of Pink Pistols of Utah. Members of this organization are gender- and sexual-minority gun owners and advocates in Utah.

We are supporters of the Pink Pistols idea that was described nationally in 2000 by writer Jonathan Rauch for the legal, safe and responsible use of firearms for our self-defense and shooting-sport competition, including those of us who are gay and lesbian and our families and friends.

And, yes, our members include current and former university students and staffers.

By approving this bill, Leavitt enabled our members who are students and staffers and who have qualified for state-issued concealed weapons carrying permits will have the human right to defend themselves.

David Nelson

Alumnus, Salt Lake City