Newsworthy Museum of Polygamy

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Museum of Polygamy (Start-Up Website: Concept Plan)

My Competencies


(To be Adapted, Re-Edited, or Re-Created as a New Play and Music to fit the local culture and tastes)

THRILLING THEATRICAL POLYGAMY The Japan Times, Japan – Apr 1, 2003By NOBUKO TANAKA. For American drama fans, the ultimate contemporarytheater experience would be to have seen a Tennessee Williams …



I would like you to invite you to be involved in the formation phase or other stages of this project as a Professional Volunteer, recommending your peers for positions, or a Member of Selecting, Advisory, Steering Committees and Boards.

From “Polygamy-Named-Arts,” Polygamy Lampooning, and Polygamy Criminal Justice Exhibits

Recovery Grants or Compensation for Concept Plan

I would appreciate your best efforts or firm commitment to this Metropolitan Museum of Polygamy with supporting business complex.


Rhodney Reck