Letter to the Editor: Where Do You Draw Lines of Life?

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I’m writing in response to the April 11 Chronicle editorial, “Campers Set Good Example for U.”

They certainly set an example. I guess they have shown us all how to enjoy a cheap semester of housing. Anyone who loves to camp, has the gear and can’t afford housing could pitch a tent on the lawn, post a political sign and work on some dreds. Hey, I’ll bet you could make it from tent to class in 2.7 minutes. If not, at least you are only a short walk from a cup of ash-tray coffee in the Union. Example set. Point made.

I applaud the Student Organization for Animal Rights people for being so dedicated to their cause. However, I think their ideology has at least one serious crack in its foundation. First, let me say that I respect all forms of life. But, where do you draw the line? Who decides which life forms we should protect and which life forms are destined to be smothered under the tents of students camping out near the Union?

Where does SOAR draw this line? It seems to have been drawn in some arbitrary location below puppy and above the point where the Eukarya Domain branches into the Kingdoms Animalia, Plantae, Fungi and Protista. Have the members of SOAR forgotten their super-great grandparents, the ancestral protists? We know the members of SOAR are not respecters of plants because they smother the grass.

Since this all seems to be so arbitrary, we will have to make our own decisions and SOAR can’t expect everyone to agree with them. I will support a ban on animal testing when SOAR moves its tents to the parking lot. Until then, to each his own.

Ryan Wixom

Graduate Student, Materials Science and Engineering