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OK Connett, a two time convicted rapist currently residing in Utah, who was married during the tax years of 1988 and 1999, has been legally relieved of his community marital income tax obligation simply because he told the IRS he never knew his taxes had been filed.

Mrs. Connett filed the parties income taxes for the years of 1988 through 1999. Mr. Connett signed and notarized a General Power of Attorney and gave it to his wife to be used by her to conduct their marital financial business such as open and close bank accounts, refinance the home, apply for loans, obtain life insurance for both parties and prepare and file the parties tax returns.

In 2002, the IRS notified Mrs. Connett that the parties owed back taxes for 1998 and 1999 because of miscalculation in their returns. Mr. and Mrs. Connett were no long married in 2002.

Mr. Connett filed an Innocent Spouse form, claiming that he never knew his wife was filing their income taxes; therefore, he was not responsible for the debt. Mrs. Connett told the IRS that was untrue and explained that Mr. Connett was completely aware of everything she did financially. She further told the IRS that she had a POA, signed and notarized by Mr. Connett, and that she had been filing the parties income tax returns for over 12 years. She even stated that she could prove Mr. Connett knew about her filing taxes because the IRS took the parties tax return in 1996 for Mr. Connett’s defaulted pre-marital college loans.

Mrs. Beyersdoerfer, from the IRS, stated that because Mr. Connett told her that he knew nothing about his wife filing taxes, that Mrs. Connett was solely responsible for the parties’ community marital debt. After all, Mr. Connett would have no reason not to tell the truth. I can think of lots of reasons why I would question Mr. Connett’s honesty, besides the obvious one that he’s trying to avoid paying his taxes.

Mr. Connett was convicted of raping a young woman in 1983 in Washington State and spent ten years in prison. He was not given any good time because, according to his prison record, his crime included raping her with a beer bottle. Shortly after his release from prison in 1993, he was charged with second-degree assault to which he pled guilty. A few months later, Mr. Connett was again charged with and convicted of rape, only this time it was of a child. He spent another five years in prison. This is a person that Mrs. Beyersdoerfer believes over Mrs. Connett who has never broken a law in her life.

What has our society come to? Mrs. Beyersdoerfer can be reached at 859-669-3328.

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