Bellamy “humor” offensive

By By [email protected] and

By [email protected]

Howdy, Utes!

Mr. Bellamy is certainly entitled to write entertaining fictional pieces for the Chronicle. Heck, we don’t even mind him make fun of Aggies&until he crosses the line by comparing the Aggie Band with Nazi&s and the Twelfth Man student body to the KKK.His satire is completely lost on those who are not familiar with Texas A&M and serves only to fan the fires of ignorance. It promotes an unfair and unfounded prejudice against Aggies and Texas, in general. We appreciate good humor, but his completely missed the mark, failing to entertain nor enlighten your readers. I am surprised the Chronicle editors tolerate such drabble as &free speech.& It is sophomoric misinformation which does nothing to boost your school&s morale or self-worth. His column only serves to remind me how glad I am to have attended a school that teaches respect for others, even while having fun.

Gig &Em!

Garry Gore, MDTAMU &84