Correction to previously submitted letter

By [email protected]

[email protected] Letter : As a former student of Texas A&M University, I could have been offended by Mr. or Ms. (Chris is too neutral for me to discern) Bellamy’s article, but I’m not. The only really upsetting comment was comparing the Aggie band to that of the Third Reich. After reading the entire column, I chose to reflect on it as a tongue-in-cheek piece; you’re hooked Chris, admit, resistance is futile. What was clear is that Bellamy (gender non-specific) used the words fear, terror, frightening, dumbfounded, confused, etc,…. extensively to describe a 100 year plus tradition at Texas A&M. We Aggies tend to get that way when we go to Universities that have bands that play top-40’s tunes, badly.

The positive side of the article showed that A&M had an impact on Bellamy. We former students choose to take it as a positive, life changing impact. Most people don’t understand College Station or the A&M lifestyle after their first visit, but that’s because they’ve been brain-washed by an overtly selfish society that doesn’t understand the spirit of team and unity.

I believe I speak for all former students; We’re glad Chris came to College Station and we welcome him/her back any time. Face it, you know you want to, Hullabaloo, caneck, caneck. Chigaroogarem. Chigaroogarem.

John Thompson ’89