Concering sore losers and a lack of school spirit

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I am a senior, formerly of The University, Texas A&M University. I am in shock over this poor man’s sob story of a long-standing tradition which has world-renowned respect. Now, I am truly sorry your little football team lost to a legendary force, but did this author not learn about poor sportsmanship on his little league team when he was five? If not, the parents and coaches of your state need to take the intiative. Cult? It is called school spirit, school tradition, and pride. Long, white coats? A sacrificial virgin? Really! I am suprised this young man is able to tell such lies with such eloquence considering that he has the propensity “for getting wasted, having sex and walking around town in a drunken stupor stealing stop signs and falling asleep in public fountains.” That is what he suggested as opposed to being present at a pep rally and showing school allegiance, correct? Only at our dear university can you be seen wearing an Aggie ring in Paris, France and a random person asks what year you graduated. How many times do you have that incident on the record at your university? Now, I suppose it may be jealousy. That evil seething creature that sees spirit, friendship, and one of the most upstanding educational systems in the world and wishes it was part of more. I am sorry for you. Aggies forgive. But, I will make guaranteed many people see this form of slander, lies, and libel and do to this young man what the drunken stupor on “mushrooms” has not taken care of.