RE: Are the concepts of homosexuality and marriage mutually exclusive? (Gurr)

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By [email protected]

So according to the argument presented by Gurr in “Are the concepts of homosexuality and marriage mutually exclusive?” that marriage is personal and government shouldn’t intrude, I guess after we legalize gay marriage, it would be only fair and appropriate to then legalize polygamy? Same argument applies, there is nothing more special than consenting adults (possibly more than 2) deciding to solidify their vows within the bonds of marriage. The liberals want all the majority of people to accept and condone gay marriage, but if someone mentions polygamy, it’s obsurd and we all agree. I actually don’t see too much a difference according to that argument of why there should be no law against gay marriage. I’m against both of course, but just an observation of how the argument is flawed. Also I find it interesting that our democracy that was formed based on a majority rule idealogy, we are turning all our focus on the rights and interests of a certain few (only about 3% of America is gay) and ignore the silent majority.

Trevor BurnettSenior, Computer Science