The Next Bio-Terror Weapon?

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By [email protected]

The Next Bio-Terror Weapon?

Dear Editor,

I was recently astounded while visiting your city that you would allow a truck to travel through the city spraying atomized chemicals into the air.

I guess the truck was spraying for insects of some kind or other. It strikes me as a very dangerous thing to do. Chemical and biological weapons are most effective when they are released into the air as an aerosol, which is specifically what the truck is designed to do, release insect nerve gas into the environment in it’s most effective form.

By allowing that truck to drive through the city you are conditioning the residents to believe that it is normal for trucks to be driving through the city spraying things on people. It would be a simple thing for a terrorist or someone with ill intentions to subvert such a truck to spray chemical and/or biological weapons, in their most potent form, upon a population that has come to expect that it is normal and healthy to release toxic chemicals into the air. By the time people started getting sick they would have already forgotten about the truck which seemed so ordinary.

The truck came through late at night. I could not read any identifying markings on the side or back of the truck. It could have come from anywhere and been driven by anyone.

If you are interested in insect control, I believe you would be better off in the long run to establish educational seminars to teach people how to cultivate natural pest control animals such as dragon flies, praying mantises, bats, and swallows. You could also teach water management techniques for discouraging mosquitoes.

My career included developing chemical and biological weapons and methods to defend against them. I believe the trucks are a greater danger to our people than the insects they are meant to control.

Regards,The Observer

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