The Chronicle’s View: Voting today is important for U

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Today is the citywide election, where Salt Lake City’s residents can choose their next mayor and change the face of the city.

Students are traditionally under-represented at the polls, and the needs of college-aged residents often goes unanswered because of poor turnout.

The U’s populace needs to make its voice heard about who will lead Salt Lake City for the next four years, and it also needs to express its views through voting on this year’s propositions.

The choice of the mayor is important because of the differences between the two candidates. Current Mayor Rocky Anderson has put a large effort into revamping downtown, which is an area where many U students spend a lot of time.

Frank Pignanelli, on the other hand, has deep U ties that could prove beneficial in legislation in the future.

The propositions on the block today also have the potential to affect students. Proposition 1 asks for $10.2 million to revamp Hogle Zoo. Many U students grew up visiting that zoo, and may still go there on family outings.

Proposition 2 is probably the most impactful on the college community. The bond issue again asks for $10.2 million to create The Leonardo at Library Square, a science center which would be located downtown.

Proposition 3 asks for $5.4 million to improve branch libraries in Glendale and Capitol Hill.

Proposition 4 asks for $5.4 million to acquire and preserve open green space, which is a vital issue to many pro-environmental students at the U.

Proposition 5 asks for $15.3 million to open a sports complex, and Proposition 6 asks for $1.1 million to improve Tracy Aviary. Again, a renovation like this has the potential to increase both the culture and educational value of the city.

Regardless of which way you lean on any issue, it is essential for every registered voter to get to the polls tomorrow and let his or her voice be heard.