Letter to the Editor: Liberal rhetoric is out of hand


I am not surprised The Daily Utah Chronicle has become a liberal soapbox. Amid decay of traditional family values, liberals spread the cancer of “progressive” and “forward” views. This indoctrination is being disguised as truth in contemporary society.

The tree-hugging and butterfly chasing agenda can be seen on corporate television news broadcasts. Peter, Dan, Tom and Hillary have brought back the flower-power mentality into the national spotlight.

Yet as the majority of Americans are becoming more conservative, the small minority force their liberal views into the classroom and damned be those who stand up and fight back

Three cheers for Christina Axson-Flynn for staying true to her convictions. Public education must be attained without fear of compromising personal standards or penalization for religious beliefs.

Why is America being muscled into allowing digression of moral behavior by a left-wing liberal minority?

Why do liberals force feed America with their doctrines in public school and the media?

San Francisco has defied state law. A few liberals had the audacity to break the law of the land and issue marriage licenses to scores of gay couples. California has been slapped in the face by the liberals from the safe haven in San Francisco. The liberals broke the law in the 1960s and are doing it again. How far will they go?

It is common sense that gays feel left out of Marriage Week. Because of decisions made, they have chosen to disqualify themselves for the privilege of marriage.

Let the liberals think how they will, but do not force the radical propaganda, beliefs and views on America under the guise of a progressive movement.

Ryan Jolley

Junior, Mass Communication