Student choice teaching awards now accepting applications

Nominations for teachers who deserve recognition are now being accepted at the ASUU office.

The 11th annual Student’s Choice Teaching Awards honor professors who have been nominated by students for various reasons.

Students are required to write a one-page essay describing the professor’s attributes and teaching methods that make him or her an outstanding teacher.

Teaching skills,personality and efforts to help students outside of class are encouraged by the academic affairs board to be included with nominations.

Nominated last year, math teacher Anne Roberts was happy with her nomination.

“I was very honored and delighted to receive the award. It’s very nice of students to set up the award to recognize instructors for their help.”

U student Randall Lloyd nominated communication professor George Cheney last year.

Lloyd said he was committed to his students and to providing them with an exceptional learning experience.

Cheney said he was deeply honored.

“I was impressed by the effort that students in the class made to put together the nomination.”

ASUU is hoping for more than 100 applications this year, compared to 30 to 40 applications entered last year.

“[ASUU] wants a wide range of nominations and we want every department represented,” academic affairs board member Jeff Lowe said.

Applications will be handed out to different classrooms and departments around the U and will be accepted until March 12.

Awards will be presented on April 13 at the awards ceremony banquet from 6 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Union building.

Professors will receive certificates, letters of recognition and plaques handed to them by the students who nominated them.

Students and professors will also be asked to give a brief speech.

“[The student choice teaching awards] are a really neat way for students to give back to teachers what they’ve given to them,” Lowe said.

Other award winner, communication professor Mark Bergstrom, is knowledgeable in his field and at the same time actually makes students look forward to attending the courses he teaches, according to student Lance Madsen.

“I was honored. It’s nice to be nominated by a student,” Bergstrom said.

Cheney said that the teacher awards program is worth while.

“It’s nice to hear other students and other professors discuss what they do [at the awards ceremony,]” Cheney said.

“It’s a reflection of their educational experience,” Cheney said.

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