Adam Benson’s Concerns about Gays and Jews

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I am very sympathetic of Adam Benson’s loss of family members during the holocaust. However I think that he forgets the thousands of homosexuals who were also exterminated during the Final Solution of the Third Reich. I suspect he does not understand where the Gay symbol of the Pink Triangle came from. Homosexuals were forced to wear a pink triangle as were Jews a yellow star of David. Mr. Benson I don’t think Ms. Wolfe was trivializing your family experience with the horror of Auschwitz. Please don’t trivialize ours either.And Mr. Benson one more thing, when your people were freed from the camps, homosexuals were still considered criminal and were considered deserving of what they got.I have been homosexual all my life as you have been a Jew and resent the “lavender” insinuation.

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