Letter to the Editor: The people have spoken in San Francisco


I am writing in response to Mitch Freeman’s Feb. 20 letter to the editor (“Go through proper channels to legalize gay marriage”). While I appreciate Freeman’s approach to the gay marriage issue, he is mistaken.

First of all, it seems to me that the mayor of San Francisco is very much doing his job by representing those who voted for him. Additionally, activism in this country is a clear way of using your voice. When thousands of couples stand in line for hours in front of San Francisco City Hall in order to become officially married, that voice is heard. This peaceful defiance will work strongly toward changes in the unjustified exclusion of homosexual couples. And, regardless of whether you agree with the legality or morality of said marriages, the process by which they were obtained is justified and proper in our democracy.

Teauhna Riley

Senior, Film Studies