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By [email protected]

Although I agree with Teauhna Riley that elected officials have a duty to represent their constituencies, (“The people have spoken in San Francisco,” Feb. 24), they also have a duty to obey the constitution. According to precedent over 200 years old, only the judicial branch has the privilege of constitutional review. Therefore, when an executive-especially such a minor executive as San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom-declares that excluding gay marriage violates the State Constitution, he can’t lawfully do more than express an opinion. Newsom can no more make gay marriage legal than I can (and believe me, I would.)I agree with Mitch Freeman (Feb. 20); we should go through the proper channels to make gay marriage a reality. In Massachusetts this has been successful and legitimate same-sex marriage certificates will be issued in just a few months.Although I think the cause of gay marriage is moral and just, the tactics used by San Francisco’s Mayor are the legal equivalent to those used by George Wallace-another man who represented people by disregarding the law.