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By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I am writing in response to a recent insert, by the Human Life Alliance that was placed in the Chronicle Monday. I am the Co-Director of Students for Choice and I am surprised to see this insert in the paper again. I believe in freedom of the press, but this is the second year in a row that Chronicle has printed false information.

The insert that was put out by the Human Life Alliance supposedly offers the truth about abortion, but when in reality this insert does nothing of the sort. Every person has the right to their own opinion, that is what being pro-choice is about, but the information in this insert is medically inaccurate. The insert refers to Emergency Contraception as a “very, very early abortive drug”(Human Life Alliance 5). This is misleading, false and vague. In order to have an abortion, one must first be pregnant. Emergency contraception if taken within 72 hours of unprotected sex will prevent “pregnancy by stopping ovulation, fertilization, or implantation. It will not affect an existing pregnancy. And it will not cause an abortion” (

It is very important that accurate information be distributed by the Chronicle. We have been tabling every day on the Union Patio to make sure that students have access to accurate and reliable information about abortion. Planned Parenthood and Students for Choice are not about abortion, we are about prevention. It is our mission to provide medically accurate information to students so they can make responsible decisions regarding their own sexual health.

Katie ZimmerGender Studies, [email protected] of Students for Choice