Letter to the Editor: Minority population deserves freedom, too


As a loyal reader of the Opinion section of The Daily Utah Chronicle, I have read hundreds of letters-nearly all biased by the egocentric or ethnocentric ideology of the authors. Reading Ryan Jolley’s Feb. 18 letter (“Liberal rhetoric is out of hand”), I realized that this is just another attempt by the majority population to suppress the minority’s freedom.

I am not sure if everyone is aware, but there was a time when women and African Americans couldn’t vote. If it weren’t for “progressive” ideology, we’d still be a nation run solely by the white, male Protestant. By Jolley’s argument, African Americans would still have to sit in the back of the bus, allowing only white Americans (the majority) the opportunity to sit in front. Obviously, this attack on liberals requires a great deal more thought.

In regards to Christina Axson Flynn’s fight for virtue against the theater department, I applaud her decision to stand up for her beliefs, but I think it is hypocritical of her to ask the department to change in order to appease her personal views on morality. I left the theater program for the same reasons as she, but what right do we have to ask other people not to express themselves?

It is this freedom of expression that allows us, as Americans, to co-exist and function as a society. If you don’t agree with how some people express themselves, that’s fine. But when you ask them not to express themselves, you are denying the very foundations that this nation was built upon. While I am morally opposed to homosexuality and believe it to be wrong, I see no reason to deny those who practice it the right to express their love for each other through marriage. Like Rosa Parks before them, they have every right to express their outrage for the situation they’ve been presented with.

Wes Stapley

Freshman, Undeclared