Gay Marriage

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I am writing because I am deeply concerned by the events that have taken place recently across the country in relation to gay marriage. I am not referring so much to the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision but rather the lengths to which certain city officials and individuals have gone in order to obtain gay marriage certificates. I am surprised that other homosexual individuals and organizations are not more negatively vocal about the matter considering that what is taking place is direct disrespect for the law, disrespect for those we have elected to create the law, disrespect for those of us who have taken legal steps to help make the law what it is, and disrespect for every law abiding citizen in this country who believes that order, not chaos, is the true path to freedom. If these individuals desire to have gay marriages, they should follow the steps that have been put into place to change it in their favor (if that is indeed the will of the people), not break the law in mid-daylight with no trace of shame for their lawlessness registering across their faces. Extreme actions like these only degrade the moral fiber of our country and play a cruel commentary on what our nation has become. The voice and will of the people has become stifled by the actions of a vocal few. It is no wonder that President Bush has taken a stance on the issue and is now voicing his opinion for a constitutional amendment. This is not a matter of discrimination, bigotry, or hate as many now try and will undoubtedly continue to try and make it seem. Marriage is an institution that should not be considered so lightly. It is not just about getting benefits. It is not just about living together. It’s not even just about two people falling in love. In its true sense it is about a loving family with the ability to have children, the fabric that holds society together because of a mother and a father raising a child. It always has been these things and should continue to be so granted we can face up to the real situation that is taking place here and stand up for what the definition of marriage meant to those who framed the Constitution and for what it should continue to mean for us and those who will follow.

Clark GunnersonB.A. History (2002)University staff