Letter to the Editor: Peace activists play important role


I am writing in response to Jasyn Jones’ Feb. 25 column (“Are anti war activists motivated by political persuasion?”). I work with the group University Not In Our Name, a peace activist student group on campus. I found Jones’ assertion that “most anti war activists are hypocrites” ridiculous, and was appalled to read that because I am a peace activist, I am considered a “cowardly leftist.”

I am tired of being accused of being “unpatriotic” and labeled a hypocrite because I am actually taking a stand about something that I feel strongly about. I am tired of the moderate, fence-sitting political apathy that seems to have suffocated the majority of Americans.

Sorry to break the news to you, but the statement that “the purpose of [political activists] is to attack President Bush” is just plain unfounded. Many peace activists find the foreign policy of the Bush administration frustrating and troublesome, but he does not singly fuel their drive. Peace activists believe that it is their responsibility to resist the injustices in which our government takes part.

Even though members of the Bush administration would like to credit themselves for it, the administration’s policies were not the inspiration that led to peace activism. Activism has been around in many forms for years and years-peace activism is just one facet of the involvement.

I honestly think that when people blame activists for overreacting and being hypocritical, it’s just a way to excuse themselves from being involved or aware in what is going on in the world.

Nikki Christensen

Sophomore, Pre-Med