Ltter to the Editor: Recognize sacrifice of international students


The International Center would like to applaud Dan Nelson’s Feb. 24 column (“Decline in international students adversely affects U.S.”). We agree that the Department of Homeland Security and State Department’s new security measures will dramatically hurt the U.S. economy on many levels and deter many talented students from choosing to study in the United States.

International students at the U have made great sacrifices to be in America to study, and have had to overcome more discrimination and bureaucracy to get here than ever before.We may be a long way from the image of the Statue of Liberty with her arms open to welcome people from all over the world, but we can all reach out in a small way, right here on campus.

Join the International Center’s Ambassador Program and show an international student around campus or invite an international student to your family’s dinner table. Most importantly, tell them you are glad they are here.

Anjali Pai Hammond

Coordinator, Student and Community Outreach Programs

U International Center