Legislators rule that U has to allow guns on campus

After bouncing back and forth between the Senate and the House, the final wording on Sen. Michael Waddoups’, R Taylorsville, bill to allow guns on the U campus was agreed upon.

The final bill preserves the rights of private property owners to restrict guns on their property while still allowing guns in as many places as possible.

After several conference committee meetings, an amendment to the bill by Rep. Steve Urquhart, R-St. George, passed both houses by stating that no person could restrict guns on public or private property and added that nothing in the bill restricts or expands private property rights.

“It pretty much ended up the way I started out,” Waddoups said. “I was confident that in the end the Legislature would do the right thing and they do.”

In response to the effort made by many at the U to ban guns on campus, Waddoups said, “They were told they were part of the state of Utah. I intended to single them out and tell them they’re a part of state law. Once someone goes contrary to state law where does it end?” he said.

Andrew Kirk