Taped Messages Read My Mind

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

The vandals who taped messages across the eyes of student candidates did what I only wished someone would do. I am only upset that I don’t have more classes in the EMCB with the chance to see them for myself. When I walk across campus I cringe at the sight of bright green balloons and the “United Man.” “Would you like a bagel with your coffee?” one table asks. I didn’t make eye contact with these people for a reason. Only one of the so-called political parties handed me a flyer stating their stances. And when I visited the ASUU website I noticed the same things repeated with a slight change in wording four or five times, only mirroring what was (not) said at the soap-box debates I attended.Guess what? You can’t buy my vote with a bagel or a sticker adhered to a felt scarf. But you know, I did vote. And I am hoping with all my heart that the write-in candidates I voted for are up to the challenge: Maybe Ralph Nader and I will be in Spanish 3060 together.LM SanderNews-Editorial, Senior