U joins international community in celebrating women

International Women’s Day is celebrated as a national holiday in many countries.

Today, March 8, women’s groups will join together throughout the world, ignoring the ethnic differences separating them and embracing the diversity, equality, justice, peace and development that bond them together.

Films, speakers, music and poetry, in addition to female artists, service groups and businesses, will be on the U campus to transform the international event into a local celebration.

Big-name speakers will be taking part in the event, including Gov. Olene Walker, Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson and American Civil Liberties Union of Utah Director Dani Eyer.

The event will be concluded with the music of the Saliva Sisters.

The program, “Women, Making a Difference,” is sponsored by People for Peace and Justice of Utah, Code Pink, the Utah National Organization of Women, Unbroken Trust, Mormons for Equality and Social Justice, the Children of Ethiopia Education Fund, Ten Thousand Villages, Students for Choice, Tapestry Against Polygamy, International Causes and JEDI for Women.

The event will be held in Marriott Library’s Gould Auditorium from noon until 9 p.m. on Monday. All segments of the program are free and open to the public.

For more information, call 565-3773 or go online to www.utahpeace.org.

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International Women’s Day schedule

Noon-Opening Remarks12:05-Governor Olene Walker1:00-Sister Wives, Bluegrass Music2:00-Dani Eyer, Director, Utah ACLU2:45-Ten Thousand Villages, “Sweating for a T-Shirt,” Film and Discussion of Fair Trade4:00 Women Poets 4:30-Norm Perdue, Children of Ethiopia Education Fund6:00-Mary Dickinson, “No Safe Place,” Film and Discussion about Domestic Violence7:45 Mayor Rocky Anderson8:15 Saliva Sisters, Music to Drool Over