Letter to the Editor

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

Dear Editor:

For the past three days I have read up to five articles on the front page of The Chronicle that refer to the RE: party’s vice presidential candidate, Ali Hasnain, as the former news editor for The Daily Utah Chronicle. I fail to see the connection between Hasnain’s previous tie to The Chronicle and his political standpoint. If you are going to label one candidate’s extra curricular activities then you need to list all the activities other candidates have been involved in around campus. It seems that The Chronicle has put this label on Hasnain to intentionally show their support, and that is not right. The Chronicle should be reporting the news, not presenting biases, especially on the front page. I feel that by doing this The Chronicle is being unfair to the other candidates. The opinions of your reporters should not show through in their articles, especially when it comes to politics. I am asking The Chronicle to take a step back and remember that your first priority is to present the facts, not to support a certain political candidate. And if you have an opinion about the elections, then put it on the opinion page.

-Brynn RussonJunior, Mass Communications