Theft, the Net, threats and meth strike campus

Stolen potato chips

An employee in the Social and Behavioral Sciences Building called police to report someone had taken a “brand-new bag of potato chips” from her desk.

Allegedly, the sliding window near her desk was open, and the woman believed someone reached in and took the chips after rummaging through other items on her desk. The bag of chips was the only item missing.

Internet chat turns into

sexual assault

A woman reported that she had met a male U student in an online chat room. The two, after chatting for a few days, decided to meet in person on campus. The woman told police their first meeting was uneventful, and the student allegedly even loaned the woman money. But the woman told police that during the second meeting, the student “groped” her.

The woman was able to supply police with the student’s first name and his address. When police spoke with the student, he told them he did not grope the woman. Without any physical evidence, police could not charge the man.

Bomb threat

A note was slipped under the door of an employee in the student apartments indicating a bomb would detonate inside a classroom on campus at 2 p.m. on March 3. Police followed protocol and investigated, but could find nothing to support the threat. They reported that “no bomb was found and no bomb went off.”

Meth baby

A woman at the U Hospital gave the staff a false identity after they discovered she was methamphetamine-positive. Her 2-day-old baby was with her, but because there was no physical evidence to support doctors’ beliefs that the baby had meth in her system as well, the baby could not be legally tested. However, doctors alerted the Department of Child and Family Services and the case is now under investigation.

Tip theft

An employee at the Starbucks Coffee shop in the U Hospital reported that someone had taken between $8 and $12 of his tips. The money was in the tip jar on the counter and the man told police he believed three men who were in the store earlier took the money. Police reviewed surveillance tapes and saw one of the three men reaching into the jar and taking the money. The identities of the three men are unknown, but the case is under investigation.

Compiled by Cara Wieser