Letter to the Editor: Marriage is not the government’s business


I am writing in response to the ongoing debate surrounding the legalization of gay marriage and the idea of creating a constitutional amendment to prevent it from happening. What ever happened to the separation of church and state? Is not the First Amendment of the Constitution about freedom of religion? Afte r many centuries of marriage being a matter for religion to tackle, it is a real wonder as to when it became a government issue. This is not something that can be stopped with a law or even an amendment. The founding fathers put nothing in the original Constitution about marriage of any kind.

As it is, the idea of marriage in and of itself among heterosexual couples has slowly died. The marriage license given to married couples has little meaning, other than to those who put the meaning into it. There are thousands of couples who do not have a marriage license but still act as if they are married. That goes for both heterosexual couples as well as homosexual couples. Marriage is about being in love with someone, wanting to share your life with him or her and working together for the total betterment of the couple.

Stephanie Evans

Junior, Social Work