Big bugs living in Red Butte Garden

Red Butte Garden will literally have big bugs in its gardens this spring.

Wood bugs the size of cars are being displayed throughout Red Butte Garden as a part of David Rogers’ Big Bug show, which will run until June 27.

The show is kicking off the 11th season of Rogers’ exhibits and marks the second time the U has displayed his work.

“Bugs are fascinating creatures,” Rogers said.

Rogers has been traveling the nation with his show for the past 10 years.

“The show is a success and monopolizes my time,” Rogers said.

Rogers began his woodworking career 20 years ago building rustic furniture in his hometown on Long Island, N.Y.

He was later inspired to create large bugs by a wood stick dinosaur he built on his free time.

Besides building bugs, Rogers has a significant interest in them.

“Bugs are hidden gardeners,” Rogers said. “They have one of the most important roles-pollination.”

Rogers said it is a privilege to exhibit these bugs in amazing habitats.

“Red Butte Garden is different because it’s a mountain garden,” Rogers said. “I have many pictures in my portfolio from Red Butte.”

For the next five weeks, Rogers will begin an apprenticeship with a metal smith in Colorado to create new works.

“There are other things I’m interested in, but I’m not bugged out,” he said.

Working alone on his shows, Rogers said the show would become too impersonal if he allowed other people to manage the show.

“Everything becomes corporate now,” he said. “We’re losing community.”

The show encompasses 10 bugs including ants, a praying mantis, a ladybug, dragonflies, a spider in a web and a damsel fly.

Creating these works, Rogers said, is not out of reach of anyone’s ability, but it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to keep them looking good.

“To get paid [for exhibiting bugs] is a gift and an outrageous privilege,” he said.

Red Butte will hold an opening celebration for the big bug exhibit on Saturday, April 10 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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