3 “cults”: the three stooges of satan

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By [email protected]

Three “cults” !!! [Facts to the rescue!]: The Mormons are more a business than a religion & in their beginning didn’t even believe that the Holy Spirit was God….one of the egyptian hieroglyph documents that Joseph Smith “translated from God” (he claimed), before the Rosetta Stone unearthed the “lost language” of the egyptians, turned out to be embalming techniques….”the egyptian book of the dead”. The catholic-vatican group trusts their own “works” [“walking by sight”] rather than Christ’s completed work on the Cross (“by faith, thru grace”…UNmerited favor, invisibly accepted)….Martin Luther, (who would NOT have wanted a religion named after him), left the vatican group because he discovered in scripture that salvation was by “Faith alone” [Hebrews 11:1 & Romans 10:9=John 1:1] ! The best and ONLY thing you should say to a Jehovah’s Witness is: “don’t you know, Jesus Christ IS Jehovah !! [They think that He is only a “god”, not the ‘Maker of All Things’…..which He happens to be. Jesus is the same God that talked to Moses! [See: GOOD NEWS BIBLE, about the only translation that gets this right, where John 8:24 b=Exodus 3:14…the proper name, “I AM THAT (WHO) I AM”]>>> 3 “cults” and 3 “dead end” roads ! My best to you! The Keeper of the Flame