Anti-Rioting Does Not Equal Apathy

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

In response to Anna Piepmeyer’s April 5th opinion column regarding apathy at the U, I would like to say that fighting and staging riots is not at the top of my list for imitiating change in the world. Rioting for peace in Israel seems to me to be somewhat of a misnomer. While I care greatly and am passionate about what is going on in the world around me and would love to be able to somehow create resolution to the many conflicts and problems that we encounter, the last line of attack that I am going to take is to stage a riot. Screaming and yelling has never convinced me of anything and I doubt that it would be an effective way to present my ideas to the public. Instead I choose to be involved by keeping myself informed of the news and issues, by participating in the affairs of my community and state, by being an active voter and by becoming educated. I would much rather spend the time that I am on campus, studying and becoming the type of person that will eventually have the education and training necessary to be in a position of power, and thereby make positive changes and a lasting impact on the world. Attending a riot isn’t going to get me there. A fight for what you believe in doesn’t have to include pickets and name-calling, and just because I am not attending these campus activities does not mean that I am ignoring the issues. I am actually doing quite the opposite. I just choose not to create or support more contention than that which already exists, and will end my commentary by simply asking if Miss Piepmeyer attended her political caucus meeting on March 23rd?

Stephanie SankeyLawThird [email protected]