Police Report: Crime and punishment at the library

Unruly patrons cause trouble at Marriott Library

When a student failed to return a checked-out book, The Grapes of Wrath, an employee in the circulation department sent him an e-mail notifying him of the overdue book.

An e-mail reply was sent back to the circulation department from the same address containing a comment that the book would not be returned and that if the library imposed a fine, the sender would “hunt you down and burn the library.”

The officer investigating the case found the student who belonged to the e-mail address and questioned him about the e-mail.

The student told the officer he hadn’t used the address in a long time and also told the officer he didn’t send the threatening e-mail.

Officers are still investigating.

Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?

A man approached a library employee on April 3 and asked her a “sexually explicit” question, according to police.

The woman immediately contacted library security after backing away from the man. Security officers chased the man and detained him until police arrived.

The woman told police the man asked her “if a total stranger had ever offered to [lick a certain body part].” The woman told police there had been no prior communication with the man-he just approached her and asked the question. According to police, the victim does want to press charges. The man, a local resident who visits the library to check e-mail, was asked to leave campus immediately while police investigate further.

Student won’t press charges

A student was brought to the police department by her friends who wanted her to report that a man had physically assaulted her.

The student, who allegedly knew the man from a class, did not want to report the incident to police and told them she would handle the problem herself. According to police, this is the second time the student has been assaulted by the man, but she would not tell police why she didn’t want to press charges.

The incident allegedly took place in a student housing parking lot at 11:30 p.m. on March 29.

Police reported that her nose was bloody from the man punching her.

However, until the woman cooperates fully with the investigation, there’s not much police can do, Detective Mike McPharlin said.

Doctor’s act of kindness goes awry

According to four homeless people whom police questioned at the University Guest House, a man they referred to as “Dr. Billy” paid for a room for them to sleep in over the weekend.

One of the people-the only woman in the room-called police to report that one of her roommates was being verbally abusive.

When police arrived, they discovered that one of the men was intoxicated and shouting profanities.

The woman told police the man was “getting in her space.” Police discovered the man had a warrant for his arrest for having an open container of alcohol in public. The man was booked into jail while the other three stayed in the room.

Compiled by Cara Wieser