Response to Kirks’ Guns on Campus

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]

I hereby nominate Andrew Kirk’s April 8th article, “Guns on campus could be dangerous, cops say” for the Amazingly-Obvious award.

Kirk’s article reports that the absence of guns on campus would prevent gun violence. Kirk, this is totally obvious!

It also reports that policemen are unable to control all situations. Also obvious!

Concealed weapon carriers insist on protecting themselves precisely because policemen cannot prevent unlawful guns from coming on campus. They should be commended, not questioned, because of their efforts to conform to the law. In addition, they’ve taken the initiative to prevent an exceedingly rare bad situations from becoming worse. Peace, is their motivation.

Despite their humanity and ability to err, they’ve put forth an effort to make the world a safer place.

Whether we agree with their method or not, concealed weapon carriers are a good example of personal commitment, initiative, and responsibility that we should acknowledge.

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