Who’s to blame for America’s woes? Domestic difficulties began long before Bush was elected

Liberals are not hypocrites. Even a cursory reading of the opposition’s column reveals a deep, almost profound love of recycling. After all, nearly every charge leveled against President Bush has been recycled from liberal rants of yore.

I remember the heady days of 1984 (though most of this year’s freshmen had yet to be born). President Reagan ran for re election against Walter Mondale, a liberal who accused Reagan of complicity in a list of sins. Mondale’s claims sound eerily familiar.

Reagan was accused of destroying the environment, of giving tax breaks to the wealthy, of being a warmonger, of destroying the nation’s social safety net. Reagan was said to be too arrogant in his foreign policy. He didn’t listen to the United Nations enough.

Above all, after winning an election against the globally incompetent President Carter, Reagan had the nerve to govern as-gasp!-a conservative. Now here we are, a generation later, and liberals are reciting the same tiresome litany.

It is refreshing, however, to see a few new lies added to the pile. Liberals refer to the federal marriage amendment as a sop to the “hard right.” According to a recent CBS News poll, 59 percent of Americans (and 55 percent of Democrats) support a federal marriage amendment. In addition, every single Democratic presidential candidate opposes gay marriage. Who knew that Sen. John Kerry was a member of the “vast right-wing conspiracy?”

It’s refreshing to see Democrats admitting that they are anti-tax cut. This is an issue Democrats find easy to lie about. In his campaign in 1992, President Clinton promised a massive middle-class tax cut, but once elected, he imposed the largest tax increase in history. Democrats believe that allowing people to keep what they earn is somehow dirty and unfair. Bush’s tax cuts ensured that a family of four could keep an extra $1,600 every year, money that Democrats would seize.

Liberals blame Bush for job losses incurred during the late recession. Of course, what they refuse to tell us is that the recession started a month before Bush was president. Over the last three years, liberals have developed the habit of blaming Bush for problems that occurred before he was president.

Liberals claim Bush is to blame for the poor economy, though the recession started a month before he was inaugurated. They claim Bush is to blame for Enron, which was scamming businesses for the last half of Clinton’s term (and which contributed $400,000 to Clinton).

It was the Bush Securities and Exchange Commission that discovered Enron’s chicanery and prosecuted the executives.

Liberals blame Bush for killing the Kyoto Treaty, yet in 1997 the Senate (including Kerry) voted 95 0 to reject it. Liberals claim that Bush is to blame for North Korea’s nuclear weapons program, despite the fact that it started in 1995.

I’m not sure how liberals justify these positions. How can Bush be blamed for what happened before he was elected? Are liberals planning on blaming him for the Great Depression and the Civil War as well?

Liberals have based their campaign against Bush on a series of lies. They accuse him of privatizing Medicare. This is a lie. Medicare has not been privatized. Bush has not called for Medicare to be privatized.

Liberals accuse Bush of cutting support for poor students, as when the April 6 edition of The Daily Utah Chronicle featured a news story about the increase in support for poor students.

Liberals claim that Bush has “lost 1.8 million jobs.” In fact, according to Larry Kudlow, CEO of Kudlow & Co. and co-host of CNBC’s “Kudlow & Cramer,” “the important unemployment rate continues to hold at 5.6 percent, while the Labor Department’s household survey-which counts the number of all Americans who are actually working-now stands at 138.3 million, an all-time high. Since the end of 2002, 1.8 million more people have gone back to work.”

Liberals have to lie about Bush because the truth makes liberals look bad. Twenty years ago, liberal lies couldn’t stop the re election of Reagan. This year, they will not be sufficient to stop the reelection of Bush. And 20 years from now, I expect to read yet more diligently recycled liberal lies.

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