Letter to the Editor: Arguments for gay marriage ludicrous


I can’t believe how some people in this country want to prohibit gay marriage-it’s just wrong to discriminate, period.I know how advocates for gay marriage feel-I have plenty of friends who are persecuted because of their behavior.For starters, my roommate’s dad owns a cigarette company and the ads aired by www.thetruth.com and other anti smoking campaigns are offensive.I also have a friend who works in a casino in Las Vegas and all these Christian groups that say gambling is wrong are filled with so much hatred toward him.Another friend of mine was fired from the FBI because he engages in bestiality-damn animal-haters!Finally, my uncle is a 45-year-old schoolteacher who has fallen in love with one of his seventh-grade students.They both want to get married, but the state won’t allow it.

OK, I’ll be honest, none of the above is true-I’m just trying to make a point.Opponents of gay marriage, like me, don’t object because of hatred-this is about indecency and behavior.If you think my arguments about the fictional characters previously mentioned are ridiculous, than you know how I feel when I listen to advocates for gay marriage.

Bart Gatrell

Graduate Student,

International Relations