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By [email protected]


Dear Editor, It is pretty much common knowledge that Mr. Bush doesn’t care much for the press. I believe I read not too long ago that he doesn’t even read the newspapers because he feels they are filled with opinions. Apparently he likes to depend on his aides from whom he gleans the information he needs to make informed and important decisions. It was a surprise to me then, when I discovered that one of the first things Mr. Rumsfeld did when he got his new job as Secretary of Defense was to order a Pentagon newspaper called ‘The Early Bird’ printed 45 minutes earlier, so that, he could read it on the way to work. The ‘newspaper’ is apparently a scrapbook of newspaper clippings from newspapers and magazines around the world and is chiefly concerned with military matters. Many Washington insiders such as the members of the Cabinet have or can get online subscriptions to the bird. And so it seems that Mr. Bush comes into the office every morning and gets yesterday’s news secondhand.


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