Protecting families through legislation

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By [email protected]

Several arguments on many sides of the sexuality issue have been put forth over the past weeks. These articles recall Deen Chatterjee’s article a while back (Tuesday, February 17, 2004) on morality. With the resurfacing of the issue, I am writing to address Deen Chatterjee’s article, centered on morality. I feel there are issues pertinent to the current discussion. Deen claims sex is not a moral issue, hence a person should not be condemned nor commended based on their sexual behavior. Deen’s comments reflect a point of view that is significantly different from reality. Often we hear the phrase, “behind closed doors.” These words are used to describe an act that is performed in isolation from the rest of society, and therefore cannot harm society. However, a person’s sexual behavior cannot be described using these words. With the right mindset, our lives can be filled with richness. As we use what we have been blessed with to improve ourselves and support others, we can know great joy. But when we “celebrate sexuality,” we lose this healthy balance-sex becomes the core focus in our lives. This is an unhealthy, self-centered mindset. Sex can be an important, wonderful, rewarding part of our relationships, a brilliant star in the midst of a glorious night sky. But when our own thoughts and our relationships with others are centered on sex, we lose sight of those deeper, more powerful aspects of life that bring the greatest rewards in life. The glory of the night fades, and we choose that single point of light to illuminate our way. Sex forms a core theme in many people’s lives today, bringing a lot of pain to a lot of people. This focus eventually leads to weak, sex-based relationships which, before long, form the foundation of a family (that’s the typical result of sex). Unfortunately, sex for the sake of sex does not cultivate commitment or loyalty to others. When life loses its excitement or gets rough the relationship breaks apart. Those in the relationship deaden their capacity to trust others. The children, whose tender security is founded on this relationship, are ripped apart inside. They become centered on their own pain and learn to be calloused. Everyone involved is hurt. Masters & Johnson, a group that studies sex, has reported that those who are most involved in sexual activities seldom show any interest in a committed relationship, or feel affection for their parents and siblings. “By free admission the lifestyle…is a lonely one.” (Brown, 1981) The morality of “responsibility and reciprocity” that Deen speaks of demands that we discipline our sexual appetites to protect ourselves, our companions, and those innocent children who depend on us. That same morality gives those who are interested in maintaining a healthy society a vested interest in regulating others’ sexual lifestyles. Individual freedoms are established to strengthen society, not destroy it. Sexual activity is not an isolated act-these problems don’t stop at the bedroom door.

Jason MooreGraduate Student – [email protected]