If you don’t know about mango lassies, you better find out

Hello there. This is your captain speaking, telling you that there are a lot of titillating things going on this weekend.

The final Crimson Nights of this year is happening this Friday, coming fully equipped with mud wrestling. Details are not out yet as to whether or not this is an adult exhibition event for mature audiences only (meaning no freshmen allowed). I’ll keep you posted.

Ironically enough, the people at the front desk at the Union is taking donations of “hygiene products” as you go into Crimson Nights. They clearly state that they want only new and packaged goods, so no funny business.

The Union is actually a really fun place, but you wouldn’t know it just by looking at it. You could always try to incite a peace vigil or Bush-bashing picket line near, I don’t know, Room 323 at 7 p.m. on Thursday when the College Republicans are having their last annual meeting. Just an idea.

If messing with people isn’t your idea of a good time, then skip harassing folks at Temple Square and head on over to the Solomon Burke concert at 7:30 p.m. this Thursday at Kingsbury Hall. I’m not personally familiar with Burke’s music, but I’ve seen his poster all over campus and I’ve heard good things about him. I’m definitely going to go check him out. The tickets are $8 for students, $25 for your ma and pa. Burke is known as “The King of Rock and Soul,” and has been for about for 50 years, so I’m sure the show will be entertaining.

For you outdoorsmen (and women), hopefully you’ve got all the skiing in you would like to this year because Alta, Brighton and Solitude all close on April 18. I hear that there will be a “wicked sweet” party on the top of Alta right before the lifts close on the last day. Basically, it will be just a lot of people drinking and throwing snowballs at people getting off the lifts.

The water is flowing reasonably on the Weber River right now, so all you boaters should take advantage of it. I found this really cool play spot in Ogden that everyone should check out. The locals call it the Ogden Play Park and it consists of three man-made river features to surf and do tricks on.

The first of the three is the only one that has enough water to use right now, but since the Weber is a dam-released river, the water level fluctuates daily. Because of the low water level, you definitely want to wear a helmet because the features are cement and you don’t want to smack your head on the first one when the water is low. For that reason, always remember to boat with a friend.

To get there, go to Ogden on I-15 and get off at Exit 345. Head toward Ogden (going east) and turn left onto B Street. You will come down a hill immediately and to an old stockyard where you will turn right. You will then come to a bridge where you can park. The play spot is just down river a few feet from the bridge-enjoy and be safe!

Now, if all of this activity talk is making you hungry and you’re looking for a good place to eat, I suggest checking out a little Indian restaurant at 177 E. 200 South. The Star of India restaurant offers a perfect setting for a date and the food is really good-I’m not just saying that either. If you’ve never had Indian food because you’re afraid of it for some reason, try it-you’ll thank me. Indian food is really interesting because there are so many new tastes to be discovered that you’ve never had before and can’t liken to anything else. Make sure to order a mango lassie to drink-they’re the bomb.

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