Letter to the Editor: What good is my U Pass?


On Saturday, April 24, I decided to venture to Marriott Library to study for finals, but was instead greeted by a motorcycle Supercross event at the Rice Eccles Stadium. I didn’t give much thought to the obnoxious noise of motorcycles and announcers until I encountered rude motorists and completely full and reserved “VIP” parking lots surrounding Marriott library-ironically during National Library Week.

I am completely incensed at the U’s prioritization of neanderthal sporting events over students’ $2,000-per-semester education. As a purchaser of the U Pass, I pay for parking in U lots, not for VIP Supercross parking. At the very least, those who have appropriate parking permits should always be allowed to park in these so-called VIP parking areas during events.

On a similar note, I cannot understand why the Marriott Library closes at 8 p.m. on Friday and Saturday nights, yet is open until 12 a.m. on Sunday. Are we trying to encourage procrastination?

David Luker

Junior, Mathematics and Electrical Engineering