Final Exams

By By [email protected]

By [email protected]


Just a comment to my fellow members of the student body.

I would like people to take notice of the fact that many students settle into a routine in a classes, and seemingly small things, such as where you sit each day, can be a very big deal.

This is especially true during final exam week.

It seems that every semester, this happens…

You stay up late, you cram, you increase your intake of caffeine, chocolate, no-doze, and Acetaminophen. You avoid all distractions, like sex, loud music, alcoholic beverages, and members of your family.

Studies have shown that you should keep your schedule the same during exam periods, in order to perform well. For example, if your day normally consists of an 8:00 AM aerobics class, followed by a latte from Starbucks, along with a cinnemon roll, then that’s exactly what you should do the day of the exam.

Inevitably, however, what happens is, you cruise into class to find some bozo sitting in your CHAIR!!! This person is usually some invisible-man type who has almost never attended class, but he sure as hell is going to take the final, and he has decided to take it in YOUR SEAT.

This means that you must now sit elsewhere, and most likely will be taking someone ELSE’s seat, putting them through the same grief that you are now going through.

Please, people try and be grown-ups about this. When you come to class to take the final exam, sit in the same seat you sit in during the semester.


Don MacAngusCollege of Law