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By [email protected]

Dear Editor,

It has been two years now since I first saw our new mascot. As I have lived in Florida since graduating in 1992, I wasn’t privy to the events leading up to the demise of my beloved Ute. My first introduction was during the 2002 football season when I flew up to see Utah play Michigan. I sat in the Utah section and upon noticing the new mascot I said aloud; “What the hell is that?” The gracious Utah fans explained the entire political correctness (PC) wave that blanketed my alma mater and the birth of our new illegitimate mascot. I also learned very quickly that those same fans expressed their own discontent with the bird, although quietly while shifting their eyes to detect the presence of Utah PC spies.Well, our small cheering section was shouted down by 100,000 rabid Wolverines, they didn’t sell beer in the stadium, and we lost the game to Michigan; none of which bothered me (except perhaps the beer part). What really irked me was the loss of an identity rich with Utah history. The loss of our mascot, who proudly rode bare back onto the field of competitive battle, planted a spear to ignite a furious enthusiasm and loyalty in thousands of football fans, and saluted a people who have proven that perseverance with integrity prevails.Who do you think our state is named after; it isn’t the proud Beehive State of Swoop. It is the State of Utah, “land of the sun” and our school is the University of Utah; and I’m proud of both.I’m sure there were many who have argued that the Ute Indian as a mascot is derogatory. Any symbol can be misused and become derogatory, but it isn’t just any symbol that can instill pride and draw upon a heritage. Since you’re simply drawing mascots out of the air, go ahead and use me as your mascot…”The Mascot David”…I like that. By the way, why did the PC barons stop at the mascot? Utah is still ‘The Running Utes.’ You should never do anything half way…”Let’s go runnin’ Utes…I mean…Let’s go flyin’ Swoops!” Since that cool October day in 2002, I have been flying all over the US to watch the Utah football team play (including the Liberty Bowl…what a party!) and I always see that stupid bird. Call me stubborn or call me stupid, but I just don’t get it.GO UTAH!! BEAT BYU!!!